This Expectations post is my second-favorite Seth Godin post so far this year. This still remains my favorite this year so far.

It’s a pretty short post, so here it is in its entirety:


Word of mouth comes directly from expectations.

Low expectations are a terrific shortcut, because when you exceed them, people are so amazed that they can’t help but talk about it.

But low expectations are dangerous, because if you fly too low, you’re invisible. Worse, when people expect little of you, they often don’t bother listening at all.

So most of the time, you’re challenged with this: high expectations that must be beat.

Broadway shows. Apple products. Expensive consulting services. Promise big and deliver bigger seems to be the only reliable strategy.

Yes! This is in a sense what Seth’s book is about – The Dip. Be the best – challenge all expectations and be the best at what you’re doing, and get rewarded at that level for it.

I agree. I believe. I know.

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