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    We’re talking job interviews? That totally depends on the position & requirements. Usually, there’s an area in the requirements I know I’m somewhat weak, or have little *demonstrated* experience in. Those are then the questions that I dread, but I prepare for them as they are bound to come up. The worst interviews in my opinion are the ones with inexperienced interviewers. Confident, experienced interviewers can actually make the conversation relaxed and pleasant, a useful experience in which both parties can see if there’s a match. Inexperienced or just bad interviewers make for painful, toe-curling experiences!

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    PS any advice on how to handle interviews with bad interviewers would be useful!

  3. A.
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    The interview question I most dread is, “What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?” ugh!

    In answering the strengths portion, it is a fine balance between confidence and outright bragging rights. When answering the weaknesses question, I always fear this might be a negative in the eyes of the interviewer.

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    Thanks Grim, Thanks A –
    I would like very much to address both questions in the future! (And the PS as well, Grim).

    Talk soon,

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    The question that abashed me during my last job interview was: “Why do you think we should give this job to you?” This question seems to be quite usual. May be it was a matter of self-confidence.

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    Anders: I usually prepare for that question and even if it doesn’t come up I’ll weasel it in somewhere related to some other question. You need to tell them why they should be lucky to have you! A: I usually tell them some weakness I could turn into a strength. Like I tell them I’m a perfectionist, but I also tell them I’ve learnt over the years to deal with it and that I can now find a balance between perfectionism and time constraints. It’s a tad lame but I really don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by telling them all kinds of bad stuff about myself.

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