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The Brain

Expertise is Trainable! – nurture may be winning over nature in the debate of how expertise develops.
First, You Copy – copying can be an excellent way to gain expertise.
Consistency – what do you choose to develop your expertise in? (aiming for a one-shot win or steady-Eddie getting things done).

Doing Can Be Easier Than Not Doing – get something done (like watering your plants) when you think of it rather than wasting brain space by remembering to do it later.
How to Diminish Effects of Stress on the Brain – mainly, the answer is exercise (and sleep, diet, and physical activity).
Change One Habit at a Time – focus on one habit with examples from rock climbing.
Quantum Speech – jardon is key to understanding a field or industry.


It looks like I’m getting more into recommendations:
* On the Web: funny David Cowan post, great brain resource Sharpbrains.com, love-this-one! Dave Shearon blog, super video of Dancing Matt, a few great articles about the new eight planets!, and a small critique of a a NYT article about one-size-fits-all bright-color interior.
* Books: Feynman’s Rainbow and two books I like described by Dave Shearon.
* On TV: Josh Ritter on Conan O’Brien .

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    I just started my best of the month post tradition, which was inspired by your month summaries. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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    Hey, I really like your month summaries!
    SWEET! Thanks much for the note. :)