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Samples of Articles Written by Senia Maymin, Ph.D.

Research Papers by Senia Maymin, Ph.D.

Maymin, S. (2013). Why Flimsy Frameworks Lead to Behavior Change for Stuck Individuals (Doctoral dissertation, Stanford University).

“… I argue that flimsy frameworks may propagate precisely because they are flimsy and non-threatening…. [T]his research demonstrates that individuals underestimate the expected effectiveness of a flimsy framework. Because flimsy frameworks feel non-threatening, such frameworks disinhibit individuals that are stuck into moving forward on their projects.”

Litt, A., Reich, T., Maymin, S., & Shiv, B. (2011). Pressure and perverse flights to familiarity. Psychological science, 22(4), 523-531.

“Under pressure, people often prefer what is familiar, which can seem safer than the unfamiliar. We show that such favoring of familiarity can lead to choices precisely contrary to the source of felt pressure, thus exacerbating, rather than mitigating, its negative consequences….”