Senia Maymin, Ph.D., presents action-focused talks and workshops. Her sessions share cutting-edge research and case studies that individuals and companies can implement immediately. Because the sessions are highly interactive and experiential, the audience leaves having enacted the findings. {Videos of Senia presenting}


“Senia’s presentation at [email protected] was well-received by audiences across Google. There was interest in having her meet with our Leadership Development staff in Europe, as well as having her advise several groups in different divisions including the sales team….”
~ Debbie Newhouse, Google

“Senia was the guest speaker at Intel’s “Beyond the Cube” speaker series. Not only did she deliver a fun, interactive, and relevant talk, we also had one of the record attendance and book giveaway!…”
~ Sarah Lin, Intel

“Senia worked closely with me to create a training session designed to encourage new ways of thinking about Productivity to our 500 marketing employees in the Global Marketing at VMware…. I highly recommend this approach if you only have 60 minutes to drive positive behavioral change in your employees.
~ Vivian Chan, VMware


Presentations can be 20-minute talks, 90-minute working sessions, or two-day workshops. Ask us about other time frames. Most requested topics:

3 Tools to Increase Your Productivity Immediately How can I trick myself into starting a daunting project? What’s the smallest change I can make to increase productivity for me and my team? How can I as a leader use these tools for effective team interactions?

The three tools include:
* A method that is twice as effective as setting a goal
* A technique shown to improve team productivity by over 40%
* A tool for tricking yourself into getting started

The workshop includes real case scenarios and interactive exercises to apply the results to your and your group’s specific situation.
How to Get an Edge in Engaging Employees Which should I be asking: how to get the most out of my team or how to bring out the best in the team? How can I make sure we’re speaking the same language? How can I as a leader be an example of strong engagement and collaboration?

The three tools include:
* Strengths and their dark side
* How to allow team members to enter a mindset of concentration and focus
* The difference between two ways of viewing the world that greatly affect in an employee’s willingness to take calculated risks

Real case scenarios and interactive exercises included.
How to Bounce Back from Tough Situations Your seventh prospective client of the day says No.  Your current project is behind.  You need to meet the quarterly sales numbers.  How do you rise above the situation to act at your most effective in spite of the situation?

The three tools include:
* How to wear an explorer’s hat in facing a tough situation
* Why you shouldn’t quit, but in fact should quit being an expert
* How to win debates against yourself

Real case scenarios and interactive exercises included.


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