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  • Fastest Memory-Jogger: Happiness project. Keeping a one-sentence daily journal. I really like this post from Gretchen. There’s also a company that lets you text message from your cell phone a photo each day or some text each day, and then they build a timeline of your life! I’m a big fan of this idea – see
  • Brain Tests on TV: SharpBrains site. Video of the Founder on CBS describing two great brain tests. See how you fare! See other wonderful brain exercises on this site here.
  • Definitions of Happiness: Boston Herald (AP). It’s hard to define happiness – therein lies its appeal. About Darrin McMahon, author of “Happiness: A History,” one of NYTimes’ 100 books of 2006. Some definitions of happiness in his book: luck (“Happiness is linked to such words as happen and happenstance.”), feeling good, looking back on a good life, virtue, pleasure. McMahon says, ” “I wish I could tell you that having studied the history of happiness for six years I’ve got the magic bullet, but I don’t,” he said. ”I just go about my business and find that happiness will come to me.” “
  • Drugs to Keep You Alert?: Nootrops (smart drugs) blog. Senia note: How bizarre!! Messing with our minds. Can taking a drug to increase alertness and fast thinking become in the future as simple as a cup of coffee?
  • Ask Questions!: The Practice of Leadership blog. Super book recommendation: “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 7 Powerful Tools for Life and Work” by Marilee Adams (

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