I was speaking with a friend today, and she said a great combination of words, “networking really is aimless, isn’t it?” And I thought that was so correct, so right on.

By the time you have a goal with networking, it’s no longer networking. It’s sales or starting a transaction or even developing a business relationship. But at that point, it is NO LONGER networking for the sake of networking.

This is fasconating to me because I often have very fun discussions with people without knowing at all how we might one day work together, or have our lives intersect again. No, networking doesn’t have to be all that – the next job, the next project. Networking can be just two people who have a great time speaking with each other … Aimlessly!


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    Networking does my head in.Talking with people and exchanging information about how they deal with clients, their approaches and swapping information, now thats interesting. I went to a Talk by Dr Ben Teoh in Sydney (Australia) yesterday about working with Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abuse and really enjoyed finding out the different perspectives of the Therapists/Practitioners who had similar (and some different)interests. I love to know what and how people are doing and how it is working. I also offer what I am up to and any contacts and information that is relevant.
    By engaging in things I am interested in I am weaving my own web.

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    Atlanta, that’s fabulous reframing. And it makes life easier and more fun – kudos!