I’ve been facilitating a wonderful workshop on Resilience for teachers – so that the teachers can teach their 10-14 year old students. It has been two weeks of intensity, great ideas, strong commitment from the teachers, and a fabulous interaction between the facilitators. Today is the last day.

How do I like to say goodbye? Quickly. With expectation of soon-again-next-time. Smiling. With gratitude. Like a little girl running away from a fun wave on the shore, expecting to be back next summer.

How do you like to say goodbye?


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    What a wonderful image.

    I do not like to say goodbye at all. If I HAVE TO, I make it as quick and painless as possible. My image: one microorganism splitting into two under a microscope. I know that’s weird, but goodbyes to me, real goodbyes, are a separation of parts from a whole.

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    Michael, I like that about parts and whole. A ballroom dance teacher told me while I was in college that ballroom dancing is two people – each of which dance beautifully – coming together to dance. That’s the same echo I have from your image… sort of a good ok-ness to it. Yes, division and parts-and-whole are what the world is about. Thank you! S.