There are a few very fun traditions in Judaism. Passover is one of them – go find a Jewish friend around March and get invited to her or his house for Passover.

ShofarAnother great tradition is the blowing of the shofar, the horn’s ram. This only happens a few times a year! And today – Rosh Hashanah – is one of the times.

Go, go, go! The sound of the shofar is really interesting.
The shofar is the oldest wind instrument.

Here are ten reasons why the shofar is blown, including “the shofar stirs the conscience” and “the shofar reminds Jews of the Day of Final Judgment.”

Here you can read about the four different types of shofar notes, and HERE YOU CAN LISTEN to the sharp and almost primal sound of the shofar.

In non-religious terms, there is a beautiful fairly well-known phrase …

The shofar of freedom shall sound for you and all peoples.


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