Like Judi says here:

“Some people think planning and flexibility are two sides of a coin. I disagree. I think in many respects planning can enhance our flexibility. I’ve always experienced this in Software Development. …

I recently experienced it in my personal life. We go to the Indy 500 every year with a large group of friends. We have been doing this for 14 years, so we have the routine down. This year we had quite a few curve balls thrown at us, and because we had done this so many times before, and planned well, there were no issues. … Because we had a plan to start with, it was easy to adjust.”

Judi also wrote in another post that she had a 3-step daily method for blog writing at one point this summer:

  1. Spend 10 minutes writing a new post, and leaving it in your “Drafts”
  2. Spend 10 minutes editing yesterday’s post
  3. Spend 5 minutes commenting on someone else’s blog

What I like most about that is there is progress on every level. #1 – Progress in starting something. #2 – Progress in finishing something. #3 – Progress in connecting with bloggers.

It’s a routine, and it’s a routine that moves things forward.

When I coach people, I nearly always make sure to have all the stages of this process: we start with some physical warm-up, then decide on an agenda for the call, then touch on general and specific topics, and we end with actionable steps for the week. It’s a routine. It’s a ritual. It holds a lot of pieces in it. We’re always working on physical and work-focused goals. And we’re always consciously or unconsciously measuring those goals. We always have actionable steps. Nearly always have some mind exercise and some body exercise.

Small steps, Ellie, small steps.

Prize goes to the first person to guess where that quote is from without searching for it online!


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    YOU WIN!!!

    Here’s what you win:

    * I write about any area of your choice for two-three posts next week.
    * You email me anything you’re thinking about (like a top-of-mind issue for you), and I’ll point you to a few psych articles or sources about it.

    Which would you prefer!?



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    Hmmmm, yes. A routine! I need me one of those for my work. I find I’m haphazard & scatterbrained and it’s impeding my productivity and causes stress. I keep trying to come up with ways to build a routine that works but so far…nada. Oh well practice makes perfect and all that (and I’m not even aiming for perfect, good enough will be, well, good enough).

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    PS. This was #3 on the ‘blog routine’ list. Now I’m moving on to #1. This is like my cooking: I can’t stick to a recipe either.