Hi, I am working with a news organization that is interested in following a person for a few weeks who has some major issues going on – can be career (my specialty), finding a job, changing jobs, finances, relationship issues, less major health issues.

Here’s the proposal. If there are some urgent things in your life that are not going well, this national TV program wants to follow you for a few weeks – while you and I have a few coaching sessions. Can coaching improve your life, especially when there are strong needs, and urgent-seeming things on your plate? The program would film a few of our coaching sessions, and might interview you on film, as well as might document some parts of your life on film. The process should be a few weeks.

You must:
* Live in/near NY. We would meet a few times in my office (65th, 2nd).
* Have children. The program would like to make sure that we’re following a family in which the adult is figuring out a few things and likely balancing that with family time. Men encouraged to apply also.

Please email me ([email protected]):
1) what is your life situation right now that you believe coaching may be able to help you?
2) where do you live? how old are your kids?

I will be taking down this posting once enough people have responded.
Thank you very much,


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