You can make a major difference in your industry now. Right now.
How do I know?

At the start of a DVD, the warning says the movie’s been formatted to fit your TV. Well – at my home – one person dislikes that announcement, and each time jokes, “How do they know the size of MY television?”

I do know about you and your industry. Why? Because:

It’s when things are bad and you keep going, then you can actually beat everyone, most importantly yourself. You could be in any company-cycle, and especially, you could have been at point A but point B is just an opportunity to get to a higher point D, and beyond. Yes, if you’re like most people, you are likely in your work and in your finances at a trough, at a point B if not C. BUT. That’s the time when you can be the differentiator. That’s right – it’s just like the Terminator, but it’s the Differentiator.

Is that why 20% of twitter’s current membership joined in the past 60 days? Are people trying to connect and move forward in new ways?

Frog that turned milk into butter and livedThere’s a time for rigor and a time for mortis. You have a choice to put more effort in when it gets harder, or to say, “Man, it’s getting harder.” Be the little frog who turned the glass of milk into a glass of butter rather than the little frog who didn’t and drowned.

What I’m aiming to do: write the shortest post possible, get back to fun writing, and write what’s really me.

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  1. Nick
    Posted Tuesday January 27, 2009 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    I like this post. It’s about staying optimistic and active in times of trouble. It’s a message we should all pay attention to.

    I wonder if the reason that twitter is gathering a lot of memberships… maybe all those unemployed people have more time on their hands!! :)

    Seriously, though, I can see that it might be about people trying to connect more in difficult times.

    Great post!