SUBJECT: e-intro: Joyce and Richard

Hi Joyce and Richard,

It’s a pleasure to introduce you two.
Given that you go to so many of the same conferences, I’m surprised you don’t already know each other. You may be interested in working together on some projects down the road together since your fields are so similar.

Joyce, Richard and I know each other from the Appreciative Inquiry conference in which we were on the same team, and learned a lot about each other’s business strategy and next steps. He is starting an area of his business focused only on small companies and resolving early product management conflict.

Richard, Joyce and I have been colleagues for years. She is an executive coach, and focuses on CTO’s in the ______ industry. Her clients have said she was the best thing moving them to manage their teams the way they wanted to manage them. Joyce facilitates conflict resolution sessions for upper management, especially in IT, product management, and financial systems.

All the best to you both,

My friend Y-Rock (that’s his rock-climbing name) taught me how to write e-intro’s. It takes me 5-10 minutes. I give one-two highlights about each person. I mention why the two might be interested in connecting.

ALMOST ALWAYS before I do the above step, I check in with each person in a separate email. Or I’ll see one person, and realize it might be connect to connect her with the second person, and then I’ll email the second person to check in about that hunch.

I connect people when I have a hunch that there’s a mutually good thing that can come out of it. I don’t connect one person with another when there’s no potential joint interest (for example, one person who’s looking for a job with one who hasn’t hired in years and isn’t planning to). They may have other things in common – other than job hunting – and that would be an entirely other reason to connect them.

That’s the cool part about connecting people. They may grow something even bigger from this connection. And like I said yesterday in how to “How to Give Good Recommendations (Places, People, Things),” just make the e-intro personal. What do you know about the person? Why do you think this person is great?

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