When you write, who do you think about? How do you phrase your ideas? Who are you speaking with when you write?

My audience for this blog is entirely composed of two people. Let’s call them George and Dave.

George and I have great email discussions about happiness research and life.
Dave and I connect about sales, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and general life-is-good principles.

These are the two people I write for. I know that often grimo1re and Nick bring incredible ideas to this blog, and we have super discussions here. The comments and discussions in the comments section are the most invigorating part of running a blog. That’s why I’m so enjoying being on twitter and chatting with people and moving ideas ahead. Still, when I think about the areas in which I have huge passion and desire to write more and challenge ideas and be challenged, I know those areas are the areas that I discuss consistently with George and Dave. It’s like Hugh McLeod said: “Passion. Authority. Continuity.

You’ll recognize this. My second to last article was about about getting salespeople to change (for Dave) and my last article was about a wonderful hug (for George).

Hi Dave. Hi George. Hi to you with whom this resonates. :)

I’ve recently been researching how to get salespeople to change what they’re doing, and here are some resources you may like.

My favorite tip of these below is to reward the questions the salespeople are asking.

Interesting articles: