Hi! Tomorrow, I’m producing a one-hour show segment for Karen Salmansohn‘s show “Be Happy, Dammit.” Karen Salmansohn is a great NYer and author of over 25 books. She asked me months ago to produce a segment of her show during which a panel talks about the research findings of “HAPPINESS AT WORK.” I invited a few classmates onto the program. Would love it if you can listen in, and she takes callers too!

On the air: Karen, me, Margaret Greenberg, David Pollay, Doug Turner
CALL-IN NUMBER: 1-866-LIME-114 (She often takes call-ins)


* If you have SIRIUS RADIO, it’s
ch. 114 Thursday (10-25-07) 8-9am live

* If you want to listen ONLINE on Th morning 8-9am,
1) Go here http://www.sirius.com/listenonline
and click “FREE 3-DAY TRIAL.”
2) Then follow the directions in your email to logon and look in

Look forward to having a fun chat with this great panel!


Margaret Greenberg, President of the Greenberg Group – an organizational effectiveness consulting and coaching practice.
David J. Pollay, Syndicated columnist with the North Star Writers Group, and president of TheMomentumProject.com, an international training and consulting organization.
Doug Turner, Vice President of HR for the Washington, DC division of Balfour Beatty Construction company.

Senia Maymin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of PositivePsychologyNews.com, and Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania in positive psychology.

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