Hi guys, haven’t yet put up posts yet this week. Will post some things later this week! Thanks for checking in! Best, and good coolish weather of the fall to you – if you’re in the US.

ps And I’m looking forward to commenting on the cool comments that you guys have posted recently! Also, later this week. :)

UPDATE 9-7-06: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok! I agree! It was wrong to not write this week. As Evelyn said about Fred writing every day!

Ok, I agree! I planned to do this when I first started out two months ago. And I want to keep doing this: daily posts Mon-Fri! Ok, I’m back on the wagon… just needed a little push after missing Mon-Wed this week (mon was a holiday though… :) ).

It’s more fun that way – new thoughts, new ideas, new voices in your head. Live. Real. As they are. Thanks, Evelyn and Fred.

This is a post in progress, just to let you know that there are some findings about psychology and success.

Here, Phil Zimbardo writes this great paper when he is APA President in 2004: “Does Psychology Make a Significant Difference in Our Lives?” (this is also a very interesting history of psychology). Also, here is the site that was born from this paper: www.psychologymatters.org, which illustrates in which fields psychology has made some significant inroads and found results that people can and do implement (I like the post here on multitasking).

And here is a nice 2002 Forbes article on the “Psychology of Success”.